Photography has and always will be a medium through which we relate to those around us. It records history, it immortalizes moments in time, our happiness, our triumphs, our failures and our hopes for the future.

It provides as much an escape from reality as it reinforces reality. Advertising relies heavily on the power of visuals, history leaves its impact on our psyches through the events which capture our collective conscience, and hopefully serves as reminders for future generations.

The lighter side of photography ensures that we will forever remember the beauty of who we are or once were, and it's this beauty of the moment that compels my desire for capturing and creating stories with my images. I will forever be fascinated by the aesthetic of environments and the placement of individual stories within these places, which is also why I prefer natural light. It's a very important component in the overall relevance of my story telling. I believe attention to absolutely every possible detail is as relevant as the person in the frame, which is why the great majority of my work is done on location.

For the most part I encourage and prefer shooting with natural and available light only, the results of which are unparalleled in my opinion. The final result is a journey for me, as every image I take tells its own story and dictates its own tones and narrative. Being as fascinated with the face as canvas, I mostly do all the make-up for my work, as well as styling, this affords me to create a final result which all compliment each other in the end.


Where you may find or have seen my work and/or upcoming:


Wrapped Magazine
The Callsheet
Aesthetic Surgery
People Magazine
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