12 April '16

The best part of summer, besides the glorious warmth of the Southern African sun, is the continuous fragrant smell that seems to cling to the air until the very last moment. Suffice it to say, I am back in South Africa and especially relishing the last days of summer, after traversing wintery lands I am adamant to have summer until the bitter end. Soon I'll share some exciting news, but until then, enjoy the few updates to be found in the galleries stated above.  


13 January '16

Happy New Year from Boston, USA!


10 September '15

I am heading to the East Coast, USA in a couple of days, check back to view new updates.

25 May '15

Check out the galleries page for new upates!


08 July '14

Updated numerous galleries with tons of new work.


03 May '14

I've just returned from an exceptional extended trip to Mexico, and on return brought with me not only incredible memories, but immense inspiration. It was a visual feast to say the least. I'm slow with upgrading my equipment (I've owned two cameras since I started my career, and both the absolute minimal and bottom of the range), but I've finally relented and acquired a newer camera and two lenses. I've never felt the need for anything beyond the very basics, but I suppose one has to accept things simply get old and redundant. And so, with said new inspiration and new camera. As for the current update, I've changed a few things around in my galleries' page: I've added a Musicians & Bands gallery, a great variety of all the wonderfully talented people I've had the pleasure of capturing throughout the years. I have also finally added a Nude gallery. The name is perhaps a little too liberal in its implication, the content is more in line of semi-nudes and suggestive nudes, a bit longwinded though as a gallery title. I would recommend however, if you are uncomfortable with any form of nudity, it would be best to not click on the gallery (or link above). I, on the other hand, appreciate the innate beauty of women and I respect those who wish to celebrate it. I have also updated the Transformation gallery and as always, the Beauty & Fashion gallery has new work as well. And lastly, I've added more self-(indulgent)portraits. I feel I've finally mastered the timer and the 'pose under 10 seconds' action it takes to capture a moment, unless there are heels involved.



24 May '11

Lots of updates to check out! I have added 3 new galleries on the main gallery page: ALLAN JOHN, awesome band who have just been voted in to play at Oppikoppi in South Africa this year. A further shoot with more exciting images to be added to their gallery soon! Musically there are so many exciting new bands on the scene and I had the pleasure of working with The Muses, a 4 piece all girl string group. They are gorgeous and super talented. I also have the pleasure of releasing a few select images from a shoot with The SoapGirls, a duo of sensational girls who are signed by Universal Music, hitting radio stations and creating an enormous stir. Look out for an article on them in the July FHM with some of the images I took of them.

14 March '11

A massive update! It's been a fabulous year thus far! I have had an amazing array of shoots (some of which I am sharing with you in the new updates, the rest to come soon). I've had the absolute pleasure of photographing South Africa Idols winner, Elvis Blue, for his first solo CD launch. The images are already featured in various print magazines; including Top Billing Magazine. Feast your eyes on the ever beautiful Christina Storm, who is always a delight to photograph. Thank you to those who continue supporting my work, it's always appreciated. Hope you enjoy the new updates!

16 October '10

I'm back from my stay in Canada, with a big update long overdue! Go have a look at the Fashion gallery, which contains both local work as well as Canadian. I have also added new prints for sale, the intro page piece, titled "In someone's world her dreams made sense", is up for sale. Having sustained an injury while abroad, I took to doing some new self-portraits to convey physical frustration. The series is called "There is no art in the way you make me suffer." Having healed up nicely, I am back to shooting and creating full time again.

While in Canada a competition was started with the prize a full day shoot with me. The competition is still open and will be running until the end of November. The response was immense, even from South Africans, and all the entrants are still viable. Have a look at the competition here and follow all the necessary steps if you are interested in entering.


2 April '10

I'm leaving for Canada tomorrow, so please check back for new images and updates towards the end of the month!


3 March '10

Quite a lot of updates in all the various galleries, along with a few new gallery additions. A big thank you to the people at 1Time magazine for the lovely feature they did on me. Also check out this sensational site, Portfolio2, which boasts some of the world's most incredible artists in a beautifully designed website. I'll have my own page on there soon enough!


2 December '09

Click on my links page to find my fan page on facebook, as well as my twitter updates. Also you can see a recent image I did with Kat Trim in the onesmallseed "Picture This" international online pictoral.

14 October '09

Check out my spread in the new issue of onesmallseed! I have also added a new gallery of available prints for sale. Please email me for pricing and editions. Also find an interview with me on Vuvuzela.net.


08 May '09

Quick update and possibly overdue, I'm off to Durban (9th) this weekend for the nationwide Canon Roadshow. Then the following weekend Cape Town (16th) and finally Johannesburg (23rd). If you wish to join on the respective days, please visit the Canon website for registration. As far as I know however, Durban is booked to capacity. The month of April saw me doing a group show curated by Liam Lynch, called "In Certain Mirrors" at Magpie Gallery. My next project is a solo show for the month of October. More details closer to the time!



30 July '08

I've just returned from a 2 month trip to Johannesburg and the results from my time there can be seen in exciting new galleries which include celebrities Loui Fish, Christina Storm and SA's fabulous band, Prime Circle which also features the cover of the 1Time magazine, Aboutime. My work can also be seen in the September issue of Funk Magazine, including the cover for their "Freedom" issue.


9 April '08

My lens recently collided with the genius that is Cokey Falkow, an eventful afternoon with a very animated entertainer can be seen in An afternoon with... I also had the thrill of working with the brilliant make-up artist Nikkila Mann on a conceptual fashion shoot with models Annelise Norris and Zeke.


26 March '08

I had the absolute pleasure of surviving the gigantic Coke Fest, which resulted in me having the opportunity of photographing the grammy award winning Chris Cornell, the images can be seen in both Color Portraits and People. An enormous thank you to Evan Milton!


21 March '08

Life is a dream forever captured in moments, and that is the joy of photography with its myriad possibilities. It is also a never ending joy to be able to see the results of inspirations that enter the mind, sometimes with surprising results. Drawn to the power of a man, this visual statement can be found in a series of the men in suits gallery. My gloriously chaotic "organic set" that is my backyard is the playground of some interesting results in a new gallery called Backyard Clockers. And playing around with a specific wig I own, I realized that it brings with it quite the transformation depending on who wears it. Inspired by who a woman becomes with the change of a hairstyle, I am busy with a series called Transformation. I've also added some new images in the Fashion gallery as well as Color Portraits. Eventually I will add writings about my shoots on the Thoughts page, so stay connected, as one would say!


11 January '08

After many years of enjoying the outfits, poses and wonderful photographers pointing their at times intimidating lenses at me, I've decided to embark on a personal journey of being behind the camera. It was a thrilling experience and very enriching donning the different moods I created with my most favourite of photographers, however I felt the need to express a different mood. One of being the photographer. And as you'll notice, my photography is wholly different from that which I created infront of the camera. I'm a novice on many levels, but I have also learned a few things through the years, hoping to continually learn and capture my personal taste in imagery. That being mainly black and white portraits! The site is still mainly under construction....